Yoga Hikes

3-hour Hike: This hike includes a 30 min. hike -one way, Yoga on the Rocks 1.5 hrs, 30 min. of guided meditation, and smudging, then 30 min. to hike down.

4-hour Hike: This hike includes a 1hr. hike -one way Yoga on the Rocks 1.5 hr,.30 min. of guided meditation and smudging then a 1 hr. hike back down.

5-hour Hike: This includes a 1hr 15min hike -one way, 1.5 hrs. Yoga on the Rocks, 30 min. of guided meditation and Smudging, 30 min. for a picnic lunch, then 1hr. 15min. back.

 Sunset Hikes: There is nothing like seeing the Red Rocks of Sedona light up when the when the sun sets or rises, each with it’s special places to go, Jan Griffin and Friends know the best places to go to see both. Come and experience doing Yoga in these special lights. The Sunset and Sunrise Hikes are all 3 hrs. long.

Full Moon Hikes: The beauty of being surrounded by the Red Rocks under a full moon is amazing, you won’t need a flashlight (but they will be available), in warm weather the bats start coming out and the crickets start chirping it is very special time Yoga at this time is a very spectacular event!! All Full Moon Hikes are 3 hrs. long. This is one of my favorite.

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3 Responses to Yoga Hikes

  1. norma torres says:

    Hi i would like more information, because i am planning to visit sedona (from mexico) sometime in september, how could i book a hike? thank you.

    • Jan Griffin says:

      Hi Norma
      I am totally open in Sept. so just about any day works for me the hike would be in the morning or at sunset, which ever is best for you so just email me at and we will set everything up for you, doing yoga on the Red Rocks of Sedona is a very special experience you will love it!!!
      You can reach by phone also at 928-274-6098.
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Light and Love
      Jan Griffin
      Secret Journeys of Sedona

  2. Ann Taibi says:

    Hi. I’m visiting Sedona the week of Jan. 25th. I am a breast cancer survivor and have been practicing yoga for 3years. I can’t find a schedule and price for you yoga hikes.
    Can you provide more information, please?

    Thank you.

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