Jan GriffinMy name is Jan Griffin. I would like to give you a little history of my background and how “Secret Journeys of Sedona” came about.

I grew up in South Texas, on a beautiful spring fed creek, I spent every waking moment outdoors. I explored under rocks for bugs and snakes, the creek and all it’s creatures, climbed trees, and was truly one with nature.

In 1975, I moved to the Hill Country of Texas where I lived off of the land for 17 years (6 years with no electricity), growing our own food, using wood for heat and cooking, and collecting rain water for drinking. Through all of these experiences I learned a lot about Mother Earth and being one with the Land.


Veggies from our garden


Road to our farm in Texas


our handmade fire place






In 1991 I moved to Alberta, Canada where I pursued my lifelong interest in plants and became a Certified Horticulturist and Landscape Designer and came to run my own and Nursery and Landscape Design Business.

Our Nursery, Red deer, Alberta, Canada

Our Nursery in Canada

Sign to Nursery, Red deer, Alberta, Canada

Name of my Nursery

full design for catalog

Landscape Design






I have been exploring the outdoors all my life. from the Hill Country of Texas, to the Rivers and back country of Alberta, Canada and now this amazing land called Sedona. I feel truly blessed.

Enchanted Rock, hill Country, TX

Enchanted Rock, Texas

Fly Fishing, Coaldale River, Alberta Canada

Fly Fishing, Alberta

hiking Secret Ruins, Sedona, Arizona

Hiking Sedona, Arizona






I have been practicing since the 1970’s it has always been a great source of strength. I now have over 600 hrs. of Yoga training and am certified with the Yoga alliance. I also studied with a Vedic Priest in Mantra Chanting and Meditation.

Yoga Training in Spain, With Rama Vernon

Yoga Training in Spain

Jan in the Baja

Yoga training  in the Baja

Namadeva, Mantra Workshop

Mantra Workshop






I worked as a Yoga Hiking Guide after coming to Sedona. It was a great experience realizing that I intuitively knew what practice people needed to help them feel better about themselves. Doing Yoga on the Red Rocks is  truly amazing.

Yoga Class Cathedral Rock.

Yoga Cathedral Rock.


Yoga on Bell Rock


Yoga on Bell Rock






My goal is to tie all my qualifications together and take you on the land and share my Yoga and knowledge of plants and animals and go to special places where you can connect with your true self and Mother Nature. I offer Yoga hikes, Personal Yoga Classes, Breast Cancer Survivor Yoga Retreats, Nature Hikes, Photo Hikes, Native Ruins Hikes connecting to the spirits and being one with the Earth Mother and Bamboo Flute Hikes (accompanied by accomplished flute player “Jesse Kalu”). In the summer we also can hike to some secret swimming holes to cool off. I look forward to seeing you on the Rocks.

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