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Hiking Destinations

Here are some photos of some of the locations we can take you to, they all have amazing views of the Red Rocks and they all have the special energy of Sedona!! The photos are listed by the type of hike, to enlarge just click on the picture you want to look at, we hope to see you at one of these incredible sites soon.

Yoga Hikes


Cathedral Vortex


Cathedral Rock is a Vortex Site that is said to have Female energy which is a soothing and nurturing energy. The spires of  Cathedral Rock are very beautiful, (3 hr. hike).




Red Rock Crossing is on lovely Oak Creek the trail goes along the creek and faces the back side of Cathedral Rock, at sunset the Rock Lights up like a light bulb. Amazing place with the creek and the energy from Cathedral Rock, (3 hr. hike).





Below Courthouse Butte

Courthouse Butte is next to Bell Rock Vortex, you can see Bell Rock and the Mermaid Mountain from this special spot great open flat rocks for Yoga, (3 hr. hike).



Below Bell Rock Vortex



This beautiful place below Bell Rock Votex is a nice private location with a great view of Bell Rock and still in range of the vortex energy, (3 hr. hike).



Marg’s Draw



Marg’s Draw has amazing views of the Back side of Shnebly Hill and Snoopy Rock. Views of the Red Rocks all the way around with several isolated smooth rocks in dry washes and upper levels also, (3 hr. hike).



Jan at Shnebly Hill 2
Schnebly Hill



Schnebly Hill, named for the founder of Sedona (his wife’s name). There are amazing views of Schnebly Hill formations like the Thumb and Ganesha Rock, beautiful out look and very private, (3 hr. hike).




Mescal Mountain


Mescal Mountain has a 360 degree view of Boynton Canyon, Deadman’s Pass Long Canyon, the city of Sedona and the back side of Thunder Mountain. On the way up to the top you will pass a native ruin, with a beautiful flat rock on top for yoga. This is a 4 hour Yoga Hike.



Bell Rock Vortex with Mermaid Mountain in background


Bell Rock Vortex is said to have Masculine energy which is an uplifting energizing energy, there are views of Courthouse Rock Cathedral Rock and the Airport Vortex. There is a view of the Portal a location people say that is a portal to another demension. This is a very popular place, (3 hr. hike).



chapel trail

Below Chapel of the Holy Cross


This lovely Yoga spot is located just below the Chapel of the Holy Cross, there are views of Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock and the spires of the 3 Nuns also Chicken Point, views on all sides!! This is a very spiritual place, (3 hr. hike).




long Canyon

Long Canyon

Long Canyon is a beautiful hike along a dry creek with may different towering rock formations on all sides, there are many native ruins in Long Canyon. To get to this extremely private perfectly flat rock with amazing views is a 5 hour hike and picnic lunch is included.



Native Ruins Hiking Destinations               


Loy Canyon Ruins


Loy Canyon is a beautiful hike along a dry creek bed, the ruins up on the side of the cliffs that tower above the trail.





brochure pic1

Fay Canyon Ruins


This is one of the many ruins in Fay Canyon, this trail also goes along a dry creek bed with beautiful live oaks and post. There is an arch that is visable from the trail, this canyon is one of my favorites, there is a special connection for me to this area.






Boynton Canyon Ruin


There are said to be over 100 ruins in Boynton Canyon some are not easily accessed, this hike is a bit steep but not too difficult to get to. You can view many ruins on the way wit my spectacular binoculars.




Shaman’s Cave

This remote ruin is called Shaman’s cave there are many ceremonies that happen in this special place. This is a large cave big enough for several people to gather in with a unique picture window that over looks many of Sedona’s rock formations.There are more ruins on the other side if this huge rock formation.




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  1. Kate Knott says:

    Hi! Found your website. We have been coming to Sedona for several years. And my husband and I absolutely love it! This visit we are wanting to do some backpacking
    into beautiful wilderness with our two you g children. We want to just drop
    In and immerse fully into a remote beautiful spot. I wOnder if you have
    Any ideas of where to go. I was thinking of going up along secret mountain.
    Perhaps we could talk and get some. Rain storming in together, or do a
    Guided tour to learn of some of your favorite spots (powerful vortex spots, ruins,
    Magic spots away from the crowds). (the photo of the place shaman cave, I thInk,seems intriguing. Anyway- we are actually heading out in the morning tomorrow
    Thursday December 26. If this is meant to be then perhaps this last minute
    Contact could make something great happen.
    Thank you for your time! Injoy, Kate

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