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004June, 06, 2013 

Jane says:

In April of 2013 my 3 daughters gave me a trip to Sedona for my 78th birthday. I am a cancer patient and cannot do too much hiking. I do, however, do as much as I can. Somehow we were connected to Jesse Kalu and Jan Griffin.We were certainly blessed to find them. The experience that they exposed us to was phenomenal. Walking a labyrinth, meditating and smudging in a teepee, visiting a stupa and Peace Park with a Buddha were just a 012few of our experiences. We saw Rachel’s Knoll and Boynton Canyon.. Jan and I chatted while Jesse took the girls hiking up the Boynton Canyon Vista. Jesse played his flute and Jan and I were able to enjoy the sounds also. Finally we went back to the labyrinth and teepee for a message burning ceremony. A very full day for me but I want you to know that Jan and Jesse will plan a perfect day for you with as much to do as you want. Everything was perfect and I cannot recommend a better tour.. There is much to see and experience in Sedona and Jan and Jesse can expose you to it all.. Enjoy!


close up for reviewJuly, 7, 2013

Mary Jane Timmons says:

On my hike with Jan Griffin from Secret Journeys of Sedona I was able to attain the mind, body, spirit connection I was seeking (and needing.) The retreat, as I refer to it was amazing – Jan led the hike up the red rocks to the perfect location for Yoga where we were engulfed in amazing views during our session. The smudging was a perfect way to end the day; stress free and ready to conquer the world! Truly a must do experience when in Sedona!


July, 11, 2013017

Kristen Canute says:

Hello Jan-
I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we enjoyed our yoga hike. It was one of the best experiences ever and my second favorite thing that we did in Sedona. (My wedding was my favorite thing. LOL) Thank you for the wedding blessing. I was very touched by your kind words. (I cried!)

I am looking forward to visiting Sedona again. I was trying to get Dave to move there but not sure he wants to. If we make plans to visit Sedona, we will be in touch for another yoga hike.

I think you have my dream job. I am hoping one day to touch people’s lives, hearts, and souls like you do. Sometimes I think people fail to tell others what they meant to them so I wanted to be sure to let you know what a special time we had with you.

Brian and Andrea also said that they really enjoyed the yoga hike too. I love all of our awesome pictures! Thanks for doing the couples yoga. It was a lot of fun!





September 4, 2013

Joanne Rhinehart says:

In July, my husband and i were in Sedona for our honeymoon. After many emails back and forth with Jan, she finally convinced me to set up a yoga session outside and do a red rock hike to a great yoga spot. We were trying not to go crazy with money and wanted to just have a class on our deck at our Bed and Breakfast. We are SOOO glad we listened to Jan. The hike was amazing from Jan’s horticulture knowledge, to her kind gentle spirt- it was a once in a lifetime experience for my husband and I. Once we got to our yoga location, we had a beautiful view of the red rocks and it was so peaceful and quiet. We did a warm-up then started yoga. One thing that was one of our favorite things was- we did couples yoga poses. Doing couples yoga was a first for both of us and we really enjoyed doing poses where you are using each other to balance, it was extraordinary.
At the end of the yoga, she gave us scented oils and she wandered away into the brush. She gave us quiet time with just each other to bless one another with the oils- it was quiet a special moment- just our newly married selves, the peace of the world and the beautiful scenery.
Once yoga was over and the sun was out in full blast, we relocated to some shade and Jan recited some ceremonial Native blessings and we did some smudging with Sage.

It was an amazing experience that we will never forget. Getting up at 6:16am was completely worth it, and we do like to sleep in :)

My husband finally got some piece of mind and was able to tune out the busy world and get in touch with the Earth around him. He always asks me how I am able to do it, and Jan helped him to accomplish some peace and quieting of his mind.


018Oct. 5, 2013

Margie Muro says: I recently experienced the most wonderful yoga hike I have ever taken. Jan Griffin knows all the hidden scenic locations in Sedona. She took me and two of my friends to a flat space high in the red rocks and led us through a magical yoga class. It began with a sacred ceremony and ended with a guided meditation. She provided the mats and everything else we needed as well as taking some great photos for us to bring home as souvenirs. I highly recommend Jan’s hikes and yoga classes as a part of the Sedona journey.


On Dec 30th, 2013

June Said:032

I’ve been to Sedona and done some wonderful hikes but on this trip wouldn’t have a hiking partner.  I was fortunate that the concierge at the hotel we were staying offered to connect me with a guide.  That’s how I met Jan. As soon as I read her first email I knew she was the perfect person for this experience.  She mentioned that her yoga hike was something special.  I’ve been practicing yoga for about 7 years and had done yoga on the beach and many hours indoors, but never in a setting like this.  It far surpassed my expectations!  Jan’s voice, calm presence, and knowledgeable spirit made this an extraordinary experience.  I wish I could do it every weekend!  I can hardly wait to go back and do it again. So grateful to her for help wrapping up my 2013 in such a special way.

Happy new year,



On February, 11, 2014

Maria wrote:

It was such a nice experience to take the yoga hike with you on Sunday.  The hike was great with the majestic views and the yoga was refreshing and uplifting.  Thanks for taking the time to explain the various desert plants during our hike and the ceremony you performed after the yoga practice.  I learned some very good and useful yoga poses during our practice and thanks for making my birthday so special and inspirational.

Take care and I would like to take a yoga hike to the ruins with you next time when I am in Sedona.

Best regards


March, 08, 2014

Becky said:

Thank you so much for a delightful hike,yoga practice and cleansing and healing 20140308_143422_resizedceremony. It was a very sacred few hours that I will cherish forever. Thank you for the citrine necklace I wear it often and it lays on my altar now. I sense my trip to Sedona was to connect with you. I feel you are a kindred, sacred sister. My time with you was the highlight of my trip to Sedona.

Love and Blessings of Gratitude


April, 19, 2014

IMG_0017_2Laurie said:

Hi Jan,

I wanted to follow-up with you and thank for the wonderful experience we had on our hike and great yoga in one of the most picturesque sites on earth. Your vast knowledge of plants, the surrounding area, as well as yoga made for a truly memorable experience. We will certainly pass you name along to anyone we hear that is thinking of a trip to Sedona. We look forward to seeing the pictures from our yoga adventure and meeting up with you again on our next trip to Sedona.

With kindest regards,



April, 16, 2014

Nira wrote:

Hi my name is Nira. I recently went on a yoga hike with Jan in Sedona for my 13th IMG_0071birthday. With her vast knowledge of the area, Jan suggested to my dad that we spend the afternoon and sunset at Red Rock Crossing on Oak Creek with Cathedral Rock as a beautiful backdrop . Jan shared her knowledge of the plant world and told great stories about her connection to the earth. We got to take a refreshing swim in the creek and then found a wonderful place to do some yoga. The yoga was fun and Jan took some great pictures of our family to honor my birthday. Jan also led us on a guided meditation that was energizing and awesome. It was a wonderful experience and I would love to return and have Jan share more about the energy and magic of Sedona.
Nira Gabriella Barlow
Tulalip, WA USA

April, 11, 2014

Meg said:

IMG_0077Hi Jan!

Thank you for sending these photos! Most importantly – thank you again for the wonderful Red Rocks experience. Chris and I had such an amazing time with you and we learned so much! Please forgive my delay – you know how life can get in the way.

Thank you!



October, 25, 2014

Marti said

Dear Jan-

Thank you so much for the fantastic hike and Yoga class on the Rocks in the beautiful 20141025_110953setting. The ceremony and partner Yoga were a great way to commemorate our 14 wedding anniversary. IT was very special and I will always remember the lovely reading and ceremony with the fondest of thoughts.

Your information and knowledge of the area and the plants made every step of the hike more meaningful. WE came away with a real understanding of the area.
It was also such a pleasure to be taken exactly to a beautiful spot and put our mind at ease knowing we were with an experienced guide. You created the perfect experience for us!

We also enjoyed staying in your home and found the view exhilarating to wake up to and go to sleep to after viewing the starts from your awesome deck. ( and incredible sunsets)

Your hospitality and sweet nature made the trip easy and fun as well as your suggestions for other sites and hikes were all good ones that made our trip a great one! If anyone is coming to Sedona and wants an alternative to commercial hotels, in a super comfy room I would definitely highly recommend you and your great spot!

A million thanks for a memorable and beautiful experience. I will never forget the wonderful trip and your knowledgeable guidance while staying in your warm home.

Marti Ewing
Recuperative Yoga Instructor, 500 hours





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