Yoga in Sedona

Yoga in Sedona

1463Come for the experience of a lifetime, revive, rejuvenate and reconnect with a Yoga class on the Red Rocks of Sedona. There is nothing like hiking to the special energy centers of Sedona and doing Yoga outdoors in this beautiful, mysterious, spiritual place. Reconnect with Mother Nature while experiencing Yoga on the Rocks. We take you to some very unique places in Sedona we have 10 different destinations to choose from, all with big flat smooth Rock to do Yoga on, there are several Sacred Vortex Sites that we can take you too. I like to talk to our clients beforehand to decide where you want to go and your yoga experience, then I will intuitively know what kind of practice will be right for you. We provide 3, 4 and 5 hour Yoga Hikes a light lunch is provided with the 5 hr. Yoga hike for more details see Yoga Hikes, also see what to bring.   See pictures of hiking destinations in Photos.

Jan Griffin has over 600 hours of Yoga Teacher training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Theraputic Yoga, and has been a hiking guide and Yoga teacher on the Red Rocks for over 2 years. Jan has been an avid hiker for many years.

All of our Yoga hikes include hiking (of course) a reading, Yoga, smudging, and a guided meditation, you will be so relaxed you won’t want to leave! Come join Jan Griffin and friends for a Yoga hike of a lifetime!

Please call or email for scheduling, deciding destination, and meeting locations.

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Private Yoga Classes

Jan in the Baja

Jan in the Baja

Come and experience Yoga in Sedona with Jan Griffin.  I can customize a Yoga Practice just for you in my home overlooking one of the most magnificent views of the Red Rocks in Sedona , or outdoors in some very special places on the  Red Rocks, or in your home or suite. I have over 600 hours of  training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Therapeutic Yoga, & intuitively will know what Yoga postures will benefit you. We will do an assessment of your needs, then we will do a guided Meditation to help you to become one with  yourself and to and to clear negative thought patterns and bring your body, mind and spirit into balance, before our yoga class.

Come let Jan Griffin design a Yoga Practice just for you!

Please call or email for scheduling, deciding your destination and meeting locations.

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